You may have troubled investment properties in need of Englewood property management. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with rental properties causing vacancies and costing you a lot of money in the long run. This is why most successful area investors prefer to hire professional property managers in Englewood to oversee the daily operations of their properties. In most cases, troubled rentals need the help of an Englewood property management professional.


For investors experiencing higher than normal vacancy rates, Englewood property management services are recommended because these professionals have the knowledge, skill and experience necessary to identify problems quickly. The longer it takes you to determine what is causing your renters to move out without renewing their lease, the more money you will lose. When it comes to houses for rent in Englewood, time really is money for investors. Englewood property management companies like AFC Realty and Management Group specialize in saving you time and making you more money.


Below are a few of the ways in which our Englewood property managers can help turn your troubled Englewood rentals into money-making properties:

  • Aggressive Advertising Strategy: You may not realize it, but if you aren’t marketing and advertising your rental properties correctly, you are losing money. First, you may not be advertising to the right demographic of people and second, you’re paying for these advertising costs. So, if you aren’t advertising to the right people, you’re wasting money advertising to the wrong people…which won’t get your properties leased. Our team of professionals will make sure your vacant properties are marketed to the RIGHT people – saving you time and money!
  • Roundthe-Clock Maintenance Services: Maintenance problems know no time, meaning they can happen at all hours. If you don’t have a way for your tenants to report these problems (at any hour) then it’s possible your renters will get irritated and move out. Our property management in Englewood team will ensure this doesn’t happen. We provide 24-hour services as we provide a full-time maintenance coordinator who will coordinate maintenance repairs when needed.
  • Accounting Services: While it may be hard to believe, many investors lose money because they don’t keep track of it well. This is why our property managers Englewood not only collect and disburse monthly rent payments for you, but also provide you with regular accounting reports and tax preparation services.

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